Services & Special Offers

“If one person’s career is changed for the better because we were able to work together…”

I offer a range of evening and weekend individual and group career coaching and consulting services, including:

  • Developing and refining executive and leadership skills
  • Planning your career search
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Crafting a value-added resume
  • Communicating with employers
  • Honing networking techniques
  • Articulating transferable skills
  • Preparing for behavioral interviewing
  • Practicing case and technical interviewing
  • Negotiating compensation packages
  • Helping in other career planning areas

Special Offer

To help you budget for and save on coaching, I offer a savings bundle.

SAVE $50 on your advanced purchase of three, 1-hour meetings: Discounted price of $325*

Custom-designed savings bundles also available.

Learn more at our initial NO-COST meeting.

* For reference purposes, my standard rate is $125 per hour.

Interested in Group Programming? Contact me for program offerings and pricing.

And as always, our initial meeting is always FREE!

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