Here’s what executives, professionals, colleagues, students, and graduates have said about how my career coaching and consulting has helped them:

“I want to express my gratitude for all your immense help; professionally, I was defeated, but you did an amazing job building me up. I was so vulnerable with you, so open, so transparent that many of your words resonated with me…”

“I believe that one of the factors that make your coaching sessions so valuable is the fact that you have had a technical background. Speaking the same language allows you to make recommendations that go well beyond the superficial…”

“I believe I did manage to ‘slam-dunk’ the interview like you encouraged me to! Talking to you was a huge confidence boost. Thank you very much for the advice, and of course all the help with my documents!”

“It’s right about this time that I was feeling lost with all the information and resources available. Thanks for helping me realize how I should be planning instead of sending my resume anywhere and everywhere blindly.”

“[I’m] excited but I also want to thank you because you helpedĀ me out every step of the way and didn’t give up on me, and that meant a lot, so thank you Mr. Lederman.”

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